Tewksbury Youth Skating Association

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Helmet Sticker Placement Name Plate Placement  

The nameplates with the WHITE lettering should be sewed onto the WHITE shirt.

The nameplates with the RED AND BLUE lettering goes on the RED shirt.

Nameplates need to be removed at the end of the season so when putting them on, just have them sewn enough to hold.




TYSA Uniform Name Tag Policy

As Amended at the TYSA General Meeting on

January 07, 2014


On or before the first game of the season the team head coach shall poll all parent/guardians of rostered players to decide if a particular Team in its entirety shall wear name tags on the players uniforms or not.

There shall be one vote per child rostered on the team. Tie break votes shall be cast by the head coach of the team.

Name plates or tags shall be placed on both red and white jerseys as per instructions on the TYSA website. Name tags shall display last name only.

Cost of name tags and attachment to or removal from the jersey is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Not TYSA.

Teams shall wear name tags or not in its entirety. TYSA promotes a team approach and compliance with this rule is just a start.

Installing or removing of name tags shall be completed by the end of parity or the tenth game of the season, whichever comes first.

Players playing up from another team are not required to comply with new team vote unless moved up permanently.

Display or not of name tags is on a team by team basis.

Policy is effective for the 2014-15 season.

*The TYSA Board of Directors and/or Administrative Committee reserves the right to amend this policy.