Tewksbury Youth Skating Association

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 TYSA Tournament Rules

1.    All games will be 12-minute periods.
Any player who receives a game misconduct for fighting will be banned
        from the remainder of the tournament.
Any player who receives a game misconduct will sit the remainder of that
       game plus 1 additional full game.
Any coach who receives a game misconduct from any game will be banned
       from tournament play for the remainder of the tournament.
Any coach or player receiving a game misconduct will have 36 minutes
       added to their team penalty minute total for determining ties.
In any game in which a player receives more than 4 total penalties he/she
       will receive an automatic game misconduct and miss the next game.
In any game that a team receives more than 12 total penalties the head
       coach will receive a game misconduct and miss the next game.
Penalties for 1-minute for all levels .
9.    All bench coaches MUST be USA Hockey credentialed.
10.  All other USA Hockey guidelines will apply unless noted.
11.  There will be no timeouts during round robin play. Only during the finals will
        teams be allowed 1- 30-second timeout.
12.  Tournament directors have the final say in settling all disputes.

Rules for games and tiebreakers
  1. Each team will play 3 round robin games. During those games a team will be awarded “2” points for a win, “1 point for a tie and “0” for a loss. There will be “NO” overtime during round robin play.
  2. The two teams with the highest point total will advance to the finals.
  3. If teams have two jerseys, the team listed first will wear “white” color, while the team listed second will wear “dark” color. If teams don’t have two colors, the coaches will need to agree on colors or wear “pennies” approved by tournament directors.
  4. In the event that 2 or more teams are tied with points in the same division the following will determine the teams to play in the semi’s
·        Head to head competition
·        Subtracting goals against from goals scored in ALL games with positions awarded by the greatest surplus.
·        Least penalty minutes.
·        In event of a tie in all the above, a coin flip by a tournament director will determine which team will competes in the playoffs.
·        In the playoff round teams will play a sudden death format. Each overtime period will last 5 minutes. During the first overtime the teams will play 4-4. First goal wins.
·        If teams are still tied a new 5 minutes will be added to the clock and the teams will play 3-3. First goal wins.
·        If teams are still tied a new 5 minutes will be added to the clock and the teams will play 2-2. First goal wins.
·        If still tied, there will be a 5-man shootout.
·        Each team will select 5 shooters. A coin flips before each round will determine who shoots first with the coin flip winner having choice. Each team will alternate shots until we have a winner. The shooters MUST go in order (if we go past the first 5 shooters) as the first round shootout. We will continue until we have a winner.


Regarding accidents or injuries, the tournament will not cover any hospital fees, medications, ambulance transportation, or any other expenses.

Click here for a downloadable version of the TYSA Tournament Rules