Tewksbury Youth Skating Association

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Tewksbury Youth Skating Association

Rules and Regulations
Updated: 11/03/2012

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Table of Contents

  1. Teams
  2. Team Rosters
  3. Coach Selection
  4. Insurance and Fees
  5. Equipment
  6. Conduct
  7. Attendance Policy
  8. Scholarship Fund


  1. On all teams, at all levels, it is intended that players be rotated so that they receive equal ice time (as near as possible) during the course of the season. It is incumbent upon the coach to also consider the outcome of the game while making substitutions.  He/she shall be able to skate certain players, at a time, when the outcome of the contest could be determined by the decision he makes as a coach.
  2. Only the Coach and his/her approved assistants should be on the ice with the team at practices.  Only the Head Coach and his/her approved assistants should be on the bench during games.


  1. Only the Team Head Coach and the Player Selection Committee shall be present during player selections. The Player Selection Committee will consist of the TYSA Head Coach, Player Rep, League Rep, Level Coordinator and Team Head Coach. All Head Coaches and the Player Selection Committee will be present at all player tryouts and player selection meetings at their respective level. The procedures of the Player Selection Committee will be reviewed by the Board of Directors for final ratification of the selection process. Only members of the Player Selection committee will be present during the selection of players after tryouts.
  2. It is intended that each team have a minimum of 14 players and a maximum of 20 players. However, the number of players registered at each level will determine the actual distribution. The Board of Directors determines the number of players on each team. Coaches pick the number of players for their team as directed. Each year the BOD will determine dates and criteria for rosters to be completed and frozen. Specific dates for completion are required by the Treasurer to prepare a budget and the resulting player fees for that season.
  3. When a player tries out as a goal tender and then makes a team as a goal tender, he/she must play that position for the rest of that season and will not be allowed to skate out. The BOD can make an exception to this rule on a case-by-case basis.  The BOD determines the number of goalies per team after registration has been completed. The Player Selection Committee will be notified each year of the number of eligible goaltenders for each level and how many will be assigned per team. Goalies are assigned to teams based on their skill as compared to their peers and the number of available goalies for any specific season.
  4. No one shall make a team without meeting the following criteria:
    • Applicant must be a registered member of TYSA with no unresolved financial obligations\Applicant must participate in at least one tryout
    • Applicant must demonstrate, to the appropriate coaching staff and player selection committee the ability to participate safely at that level
    • Any exceptions shall be brought before the TYSA BOARD OF DIRECTORS See rule # 2.14, New or Late Registration / New Membership.
  5. After a candidate has been selected by the Board of Directors to be a Team Head Coach, the Team Head Coach, TYSA Head Coach, Player Representative, League Representative and the respective Level Coordinator (“Player Selection Committee”) shall scout all prospective players as directed by the TYSA Head Coach. It is imperative that sufficient scouting has been completed so that the necessary players are placed on their proper teams.

2.5a Selection Process

Selection Committees:

Each level within the program from Mites to Bantams will organize a Selection Committee.  The Selection Committee will consist of the TYSA Head Coach, Player Rep., League Rep., and the Team Head Coach.  Selection Committee members will attend league games and observe the level of play of each player in the TYSA program in game situations and at tryouts.  At the conclusion of the season and tryouts, each Selection Committee will meet to review information from the following sources: game evaluations, coach’s evaluations, and tryout evaluations. From that information players will be ranked for a specific level for the upcoming season.  Team placement will be determined by the number of registered players in good financial standing at each level as determined by the Board of Directors.

Selection Criteria: 

Criteria 1: Evaluation of game performance: Selection Committee members will observe each team and player in game situations.  The Team Head Coaches and Level Coordinators for each individual level are required to see a player at least three times in game situations.  The TYSA Head Coach, Player Rep., and League Rep., will see all players in the organization at least once as they are required to see all levels rather than just one specific level.  Committee members will be watching for skating ability, team play, hockey awareness, and individual skill of each player.  Game evaluations of the Selection Committee must be signed by the current Head Coach at the conclusion of each game.
Criteria 2: Coach’s Evaluations: Each coach for the current season will be required to provide comments and ratings of the players under their instruction, broken down by next year’s placement level.  Included in these evaluations will be the coach’s assessment of skating ability, team play, individual skills, attendance, and conduct of each player.  Coaches may also be asked to provide comments to the Selection Committee directly about their current team.
Criteria 3: Tryouts: The Selection Committee will also evaluate players during the upcoming tryouts, which will be held late March/early April.  The tryout schedule will be posted on the TYSA website.  Players are grouped according to the level in which they will be playing the following season.  Each individual will have two opportunities to compete at the tryouts.  Tryouts will be used to evaluate player’s skill levels and in game situations.
Note: there is no set formula or weighting of one criterion over another.  Each Selection Committee is directed to use information from all three areas to rank players.  The Board of Directors determines the number of teams at each level according to the number of players registered with the minimum number of players per team as required by Mass. Hockey and the costs of fielding those teams.

Selection Process: 

Following tryouts the Selection Committees will meet to combine the results collected from the 3 criteria described above.  A coach or selection committee member is not allowed to evaluate his or her own child.  Only the Player Selection Committee shall be present during these meetings to discuss player rankings.  All players will be ranked from top to bottom for each level.  2nd year players will be ranked ahead of 1st year player of equal skills.  The rankings are then presented by the Selection committee to the Board for ratification of the process.  These rankings are final and are not to be discussed outside of the Selection Committee.

Placement Decisions:  

Team placement decisions are only determined based on the number of eligible registered players in good financial standing at each level and as directed by the BOD.  The approved player rankings are used to determine the placement of players.  Changes are not made per request of players, parents, coaches or anyone else.  Players are not moved to different team unless there are changes in the number of players within a team or level (for example, if a player moves away or decides not to play).  After the start of the season, selection rankings do not have to be used.  A Head Coach may consider all players on the next team and select a player in accordance with procedures stated in the TYSA rules and regulations.  League Parity games may also be utilized to evaluate players and can facilitate additional player movement at such time.
All player evaluations in game situations are done on a ranking system of 1 to 5 with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent.  

The criteria being evaluated at each level:
  • Skating ability (forward, backwards, speed)
  • Stick handling and shooting (technique vs. actual results at this age)
  • Game skills (reaction to puck and positional play)
  • Team play
  • Knowledge of the rules of hockey/hockey sense
  • Aggressiveness (positioning to or going after the puck at all times)
  • All Mite/Squirt/PeeWee criteria above, plus:
  • Physical play and strength (i.e., willing to take or give a hit and stay on skate)
  • Checking
  1. "NO" PLAYER NOTIFICATION will take place until approval by the Player Selection Committee and ratification by the Board of Directors. Approved Players (Rules 2.4 & 2.14) will be notified of their schedule for the first two-week of Parity. Final Team Rosters will not be made until after the second week of Parity.
If a player that has been selected by the Player Selection Committee and has been ratified by the Board of Directors is removed from the team roster for any reason, a replacement for that position will not be completed until the Head Coach recommends a player(s) to the Player Selection Committee, and that recommendation is brought to the Board of Directors by the committee for review and approval.
  1. Player changes to a roster can only be accomplished through the Player Selection Committee BY SUBMITTING a WRITTEN REQUEST TO THE TYSA HEAD COACH. He/she will then notify the appropriate Team Coaches, TREASURER, Secretary and PLAYER AGENT of approved roster changes.
  2. When it is determined that a replacement player is needed, the Team Head Coach shall:
    • Consult with TYSA HEAD COACH to determine if replacement players are available, and
    • The TYSA HEAD COACH and Team Head Coach shall consult with Head Coach of team directly below the team requesting a replacement player. 
    • The Head Coach and Player Selection Committee will then determine which player shall be recommended to the Board of Directors as the replacement player. The Board of Directors will approve the selection prior to player notification. When selected as a replacement player, said player must move up to the requesting team as directed by the TYSA HEAD COACH.
    • NOTE: Any player who refuses to move up within his/her own age level may forfeit his/her eligibility to make a higher-level team as long as that player remains at that age level.
  3. Player movement reviews by the Board of Directors shall only be considered in matters regarding safety or disciplinary action. The Player Selection Committee will resolve all other matters.
  4. At the end of each season all team rosters will be abolished. Exception, see NOTE of rule 2.8.
  5. No player shall skate as a substitute for another team for more than 5 games in any one league without the approval of the TYSA HEAD COACH, PLAYER REP AND LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVE.
  6. No player will be substituted for the purpose of playing any game or scrimmage game unless a regular member of said team is absent or unable to play. All substitute players must come from the team directly below the team making the substitution request. If all players are unavailable then the coach may request a player from the next lower team in line, following this procedure until the substitution is made. The coach making the request must notify the substitute player's coach prior to notifying the player. The choice of substitution shall be made with consideration given to the recommendation of the lower team’s Coach.
  7. New or Late Registration / New Membership: As a private organization, registrations and requests for membership are subject to approval by the Board of Directors. The President shall name a Membership Committee, consisting of not less than 3, and not more than 5 current Board members. The Membership Committee will review all registrations and non-member applications. Their recommendations will be submitted to the Board of Directors within 30 days of receipt. Membership requires approval by 50%, plus 1, of those members present. Rejected applicants will have their Registration or Application returned, along with any applicable fee's, within 5 working days of the decision.
    • Registration form to be completed and signed by parent or guardian.
    • PLAYER AGENT will accept form and registration fee.
    • Non-member candidates for the Board of Directors are to complete the appropriate application and return it to the TYSA address listed on the application.
    • The Membership Committee reviews all registrations and new applications, presents recommendations at the next BOD meeting.
    • The Secretary will notify and The Treasurer will return all applicable fees to those who have been denied membership.
    • Upon acceptance of registrations, the PLAYER AGENT will forward applicable forms to Mass Hockey and the registration fee to the TREASURER, and forward player information to TYSA HEAD COACH. For late registrations, the player will be initially assigned to the lowest team in that age level.
    • TYSA HEAD COACH and Team Coaches at the player's age level will decide on what team the player can safely participate.
    • A player will have their name removed from all rosters if they leave the program after tryouts or they are determined to be a member not in good standing. Players who return within the same season will be assigned to the lowest team at that age level. If it is determined by the TYSA HEAD COACH and the Team Coaches that the player cannot participate safely at that level, the player may then be moved to another team. However, the player cannot be assigned to a team that is higher than the team he was assigned to at tryouts.

Age Classification: 

  1. Massachusetts/USA Hockey has established the following age classifications for youth and girls/women teams effective each year, which is hereby adopted by the Tewksbury Youth Skating Association.   
  • Age Classification in Tewksbury Youth Skating Association is determined by birth dates within the calendar year (Between January 1st and December 31st).
  • A player will only be authorized to tryout for a team in their respective age division as outlined above. 
  • Girls, who participate on any youth or girls/women team, must comply with the age requirement of the classification in which they intend to compete in. The Board of Directors will establish the girls/women team(s), as needed each season.
  • All final USA Hockey official team player rosters must be submitted to Massachusetts Hockey and the League(s) on or before October `5 of the current year
  1. All Midgets must be registered with the standard non-refundable TYSA Registration Fee. Depending on the number of registered players, Midgets may be divided into 2 teams: 
  • A) Returning High School Varsity, and B) All others of Midget age classification.
  • All non-returning Varsity Midgets will tryout for team placement prior to the start of the season as defined in Rule 2.4.
  • Payment for all Midget Level players is due upon notification of team placement.
  • A returning High School Varsity player is: Any player who has played at the Tewksbury Memorial High School Varsity Level.
  • Should the High School Midget team need additional players to field a team, they will need to abide by TYSA Rules & Regulations regarding Player Movement as defined in Rule 2.13 and 2.12. All Players considered for movement or replacement MUST be TYSA Registered Members.
  • Roster will be submitted to the TYSA Head Coach for ALL teams as defined in Rule 2.2


  1. The following procedure will be used to facilitate coach selection:
  • The notice for coaching applications shall be published on the TSA website.
  • Applications for coaching positions will be made in written form and no nomination or election of a Team Head Coach will be permitted without a written application from the person involved
  • A written secret ballot will be used for the vote
  • The BOARD will discuss each applicant and consider his or her qualifications before casting any ballots.
  • Any BOARD member that is being considered for a coaching position must leave the room during the discussion of applicants but may return after the discussion to cast their ballot.
  • When there are more than two applicants seeking the same position, and unless a majority vote is made on the first ballot, the two top candidates will be resubmitted for the balloting until a decision of the majority is reached
  • If after being elected, and before September 1st, an elected coach resigns, then the person receiving the next highest number of votes will be determined to be selected. In the event of a tie the BOARD will select from those with the tied vote
  • If a vacancy should arise after September 1st, it is the responsibility of the TYSA HEAD COACH to appoint a new Team Head Coach with the approval of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS
  • Every effort shall be made to select Team Head Coaches before tryouts for the following year’s program
  1. Each Coach will select their own Assistant(s) and the names of them will be provided to the TYSA HEAD COACH. All Coaches and Assistants must be 21 years of age or older.
  2. All Coaches and Assistant Coaches must be certified in accordance with USA Hockey rules.
  3. All coaches and Assistant coaches must complete a CORI form.
  4. The BOARD OF DIRECTORS will have final approval on all Assistant Coaches chosen by the Team Coach.
  5. All Team Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches will be required to sign a Release of Liability Contract which is available on the TYSA Website. 
  6. Parents will only be allowed in the locker at the discretion of the Coach.


  1. Association fees and League fees will be due on a schedule of payment determined by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Any team member who has not paid the association fee and/or League fee by the time specified will not be allowed to skate beyond that date unless prior arrangements have been made with the TREASURER.
  2. Excess Accident and Liability Insurance for Coaches and Members of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS will be paid for by the Association.
  3. If there is any doubt in a Coach's mind as to a player's physical condition, a Doctor's Certificate will be required before the player is allowed to participate in any further TYSA activities. The certificate must be sent to the TYSA BOARD OF DIRECTORS.
  4. The Coach must report all injuries to the PLAYER AGENT within 24 hours so that proper insurance procedures may be taken.
  5. All financial obligations must be paid in full by the end of the TYSA fiscal year, June 30th..
  6. Referees and timekeepers for make-up games are provided by contacting the Head Referee.  Payment to referees and timekeepers is expected at the conclusion of the game. No payments will be made to the referees or timekeepers prior to or during the game. The Team Head Coach is required to send a copy of the game sheet to the League Representative and to the Treasurer.


All Registration and Roster Fees are non-refundable.


A full refund of annual fees (not including Registration and Roster fees) can be made upon the receipt of a written request postmarked on or before August 1st. 


Any parent or guardian, who requests a full refund as outlined above, shall make their application in writing to the Tewksbury Youth Skating Association, c/o Treasurer, P.O. Box 694, Tewksbury MA 01876 or by emailing . No verbal requests will be considered.


No refund of annual fees will be authorized after October 1st of the calendar year.


If a parent or guardian requests a refund between August 1st and October 1st, then a written memorandum must be submitted to the Board of Directors for consideration. A detailed explanation of the request for refund must be documented to the Board for its review. Any supporting documentation should be included. The Board of Directors will then issue a written response to the applicant on its findings within thirty (30) days of its decision. The Board of Directors can authorize a full, partial or no refund based on the information provided in the appeal. All decisions by the Board of Directors will be final.


These policies help to reduce TYSA's risk associated with the non-payment or delinquent payment of player skating fees, and alleviate the administrative burden associated with the collection of such fees.
  • Registration Fee:  $250 Payable before you Tryout - NON Refundable.
  • Roster Fee:          $250* due by May 15th to secure your spot on a team – NON Refundable.
  • June 15th: First 1/3 of remaining amount due.
  • August 1st: Second 1/3 of remaining amount due.
  • September 15th: Final payment due.
Upon notification of your child’s initial team placement in April, each member will have until May 15th to pay the roster fee of $250, please note this is to hold your player’s spot.  If you do not pay this fee by May 15th your player’s spot will not be held allowing another player to move up.  No longer will the registration fee hold your child’s spot on a team it will hold the spot in the division the player will be playing in.  Both the registration and roster fees come off your bill when it is prepared.  This is not an additional cost to you.  
Prior to the beginning of the season, a player will be determined ineligible due to non-payment if the August 1st deadline is not met. 
A list will be compiled from the August 1st deadline, restricting any ineligible player from participating in TYSA games, practices, event, etc., until such arrangements have been made with the Treasurer for payment of delinquent skating fees.
Each member must make his or her payments in accordance with the payment plan set for the season.  If the last payment is not received by September 15th the player may not be put on an official roster.  In addition, a late fee of $25 may be charged for payments received 30 days past the due date.  If a check deposited in our account is returned for any reason, you will be assessed at $25 charge to cover the fee TYSA is charged by the bank.  These policies will be strictly enforced.


This will be available to families who have more than one child skating for Tewksbury Youth Skating Association, not including the Learn to Skate program.  Only one discount is allowed per player. 
  • A single skater in a household will pay full price. 
  • A 7½% discount for the second skater in the same immediate family. 
  • A 15% discount for the third skater in the same immediate family. 
The discount will be applied to the final billing cycle for all applicable members. The second skater is identified as a child who enters TYSA after the first skater and the third skater is a child that enters TYSA after the second and first child.


A request for credit due to the inability to skate because of an injury will be approved or disapproved at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


  1. With the exception of the Learn to Skate Clinic, TYSA requires that all players wear the following equipment anytime they participate in an on ice activity sponsored by the TYSA:
  • Properly fitted helmet and face shield, per AHA
  • Shin Pads
  • Hockey Gloves
  • Elbow Pads
  • Protective Cup
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Hockey Pants
  • Hockey Skates
  • Mouth Piece 
  • Neck Protector 
MANDATORY EQUIPMENT for the Learn to Skate Clinic participants shall include:
  • Properly fitted helmet and face shield per AHA regulations.
  • Shin Pads, under sweatpants or hockey socks
  • Elbow Pads
  • Single Blade Skates
  • Hockey Gloves
  • Neck Protector
  1. All equipment issued by the Association is the property of the Association and must be returned at the end of the hockey season. The EQUIPMENT MANAGER will maintain an inventory of all equipment issued and returned. The coaches will be responsible for collecting all equipment and returning it to the EQUIPMENT MANAGER. Parents are responsible for all uniforms and equipment issued to their boys/girls and are required to pay for its replacement if it is lost or stolen. No new equipment or replacement equipment will be issued to any coach or team that has not turned into the EQUIPMENT MANAGER any equipment that is the property of the TYSA, at the request of said EQUIPMENT MANAGER.
  2. The preferred TYSA uniform shall consist of the following:
  • Red helmet
  • Blue hockey pants
  • Shirts are provided by TYSA
  • Red, White and Blue Socks (provided by TYSA)
  1. Game shirts may be issued to the Team Head Coach at the beginning of each season by the EQUIPMENT MANAGER. It is the responsibility of the Team Head Coach to assure that the shirts are used only in games and scrimmages.


  1. Any PLAYER, COACH, PARENT or other MEMBER OF TYSA who conducts themselves in any manner detrimental to the policies of this organization shall be subject to a suspension to be determined by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.  Parents and players are required to sign a USA Hockey Code of Conduct Agreement and will abide by TYSA’s Zero Tolerance Policy.
  2. Complaints about Team Coaches should be brought to the attention of the TYSA HEAD COACH and/or Team Level Coordinator. If the TYSA HEAD COACH and/or Team Level Coordinator is unable to rectify the complaint, it may then be brought to the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. All complaints shall either be IN WRITING and signed or presented in person before the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.
  3. ALL members of the ASSOCIATION are obligated to watch for safety violations at games, practices or any TYSA event, and to notify the Coaching Staff, BOARD MEMBERS, Skating Rink Staff etc. of any infractions.
  4. Any Coach who forgets he/she is coaching young boys/girls and loses control during or after a game/practice will receive a suspension. Any parent acting in the same manner may cause their son/daughter to be suspended from the program. Suspended Coaches or Players will not be allowed to participate in any TYSA activity for a period of time so determined by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Coaches and parents should realize that the control of the players is their own responsibility.
  5. Parents assume all responsibility for any damage caused by their child during any TYSA activity.
  6. TYSA players can play for any other team. TEWKSBURY GAMES have precedence over any and all other teams' games, other teams' games have precedence over TEWKSBURY'S practices, and TEWKSBURY'S practices have precedence over other teams' practices.
    • Section 5, under Mass Hockey rules will be adhered to by TYSA. However, on the first occasion of a TYSA player missing a Tewksbury game due to a conflict with another team, the player will receive a 1 game suspension, on the second occasion, the player will receive a 3 game suspension, and on the third occasion, the player will be expelled from TYSA. These actions are at the discretion of the Team Head Coach and must be approved by the Disciplinary Committee. 
    • Any and all punishment will be distributed equally to all offenders.
  7. Discipline regarding the conduct of players shall be left to the discretion of the Team Coaches but will be limited to a maximum of a one game suspension for each offense. Any further action will require approval of the Discipline Committee.
  8. FIGHTING:  TYSA will follow the fighting rule of the league where the penalty was received.
Midget and High School level teams:  
  • Any PLAYER assessed a fighting major penalty is automatically suspended from league play for one calendar year from the date of the incident.  
  • Any TEAM, which has a second fighting major penalty, is suspended from league play for the balance of that playing year.
Bantam level Teams:
  • Any player assessed a fighting major penalty is suspended from league play for the teams next two (2) scheduled league games.
  • Any player receiving two suspensions for fighting during the season will be suspended for a term to be determined by the Board of Directors.
  1. Any player receiving a game suspension for any reason other than fighting will receive a two game suspension. The two-game suspension must include the next USA sanctioned game for that team, and the next league game in which the penalty was received. 
  • If the next game for that team is within the same league, then the player will serve the suspension two consecutive games.
  • If the next game for that team is in another league and the second game is in the league where the penalty was received, the player will service the suspension two consecutive games.
  • If scheduling does not permit serving the penalty the next two consecutive games, the player will serve the suspension the next USA sanctioned game for that team, and the next game within the league that the penalty was received.
  • If that team participates in only one league, the player will serve the suspension during the next two consecutive games for that team.
  • "That team" implies the team roster as submitted to the league(s) in which that team participates. Submitting a separate roster to participate in a non-state tournament or participation in a select team is a different team. Suspensions must be served with the team in which the penalty was received.
  1. TYSA will hold the conduct of the members of its Association to the highest standard of conduct, including USA Hockey, Massachusetts Hockey, League Rules as well as those adopted by TYSA.
  2. No member of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS shall serve as a member of a Board of Directors, or Coach, in any skating organization other than the TEWKSBURY YOUTH SKATING ASSOCIATION without the approval of the TYSA BOARD OF DIRECTORS.
  3. TYSA shall not have immediate family members living at the same address serve on the Board of Directors at the same time.


  1. Coaches are to impress upon their players the importance of responsibility and accountability. Commitment to the team is top priority. Attendance and attitude can and will lead directly to playing time. Coach's attendance will be monitored as well.
  2. All players (not parents) shall personally notify their coach of any games or practices they will be missing as far in advance as possible.
  3. Unexcused absences will require a player to be benched for no less than one period for the first offense.
  4. Second offense will be a one game suspension. Any further offenses will be subject to review by the Discipline Committee.
  5. Suspended players are to serve their suspension in person, on the bench unless otherwise prohibited from doing so by a league official.
  6. All coaches must turn in to Player Agent the original game sheet where a TYSA player has been given a game misconduct (four penalties or otherwise).
  7. The Player Agent will then interpret when that player will be eligible to play again.
  8. Any coach who does not follow this procedure shall be subject to suspension by the TYSA Board of Directors.


  1. To be eligible for scholarship aid the applicant must have been a member of the TEWKSBURY YOUTH SKATING ASSOCIATION for at least 4 seasons and participated within the organization as a PeeWee player.
  2. All TYSA scholarship aid awards shall be chosen on a lottery basis from a pool of eligible candidates.
  3. In memory of Alfred Carpenito, the TEWKSBURY YOUTH SKATING ASSOCIATION shall annually present to a graduating Tewksbury High School varsity hockey player, a sum of money to be determined by the TYSA BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The award is to be used as financial aid towards the recipient's continuing education. The recipient shall provide to the TYSA SECRETARY proof of successfully completing with a passing grade their 1st semester of classes before the award will be distributed.
NOTE: The winner of this award shall not be eligible for any other TYSA scholarship aid.
  1. TEWKSBURY YOUTH SKATING ASSOCIATION shall annually award to eligible graduating seniors a sum of money to be determined by the TYSA BOARD OF DIRECTORS, to be used as financial aid towards the recipient's continuing education. The recipient shall provide to the TYSA SECRETARY proof of successfully completing with a passing grade their 1st semester of classes before the award will be distributed. The number of eligible applicants and the amount of funds available shall determine the number of financial aid awards.